Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chidambaram came in search for Kanchi Periyavar !!!

It's the fact that many people travel distances and go to extreme limits to reach their goal. Many people have many different goals and dreams. Well, in my country, people travel a lot to visit the temples. Some go there to ask forgiveness, some for fulfilling their wishes, some for vacation and some for fun and exploration. It's always the people who try to reach the god, but sometimes there might be a time when the opposite and unexpected happens. Yes, sometimes the god visits his devotees unexpectedly. Those guys are either very holy and spiritual persons or some great siddhars and maharishis who hardly mingle in this society of ours. But the spiritual persons which i'm talking about are people like Swami Vivekananda, Bhagwan Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Sri Kanchi Periyavar. These people were great people with mind far exceeding than any other ordinary human being. But they didn't perform any magic and miracle like those fraud saints and swamis that fool around now a days. They preached people to lead a better life in this present spoiled and corrupted world. They were the enlightened ones who tried to make this world a better place.

Sri Kanchi Periyavar with the Kunjithapaadam on his head.
Now i'm going to tell an incident that happened with the Kanchi Periyavar. He was the 68th Jagadguru in the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Many of you know about him a lot more than me and for those who don't know, please google it and you will be shocked to know the life and history of this great man. So, this happened a year before he attained mukti.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Building a temple !!!

What will you do if suddenly someone divine comes and says to you to build a temple for them???

Well, that depends on each and every person's thinking and respect to that god but i believe i should build one. And i know, i'm not in a situation and condition to build one right now. But in future, in another 15-20 years or so, i'm sure i will build one temple at least in my life.

Well, where was i? Yaaa... I had a dream today morning, early morning. It was a beautiful and interesting dream. I was running with someone, i can't remember who it was, whether that someone was a male or female. I can't remember anything about my partner in the dream. We were just two of us and kept running until we reached a room. This room had three walls on each side and on the fourth side there was no wall or any door or window. We just entered it and we were shocked to see that the walls were kind of black, like Tamil Nadu temples' walls. It was all dark and black but that room was small. A room that could fit just five to six persons at a time. We were looking straight at the wall in front of us trying to find something. Then suddenly, there was water. I didn't realize that there was a pipe next to me on the left hand side. The water started coming out like a fountain but a little slower one.The water was making the wall on the left side wet and we could see something very distinctively. First, it looked like the water was washing away something from the wall. Then i saw a beautiful design on the wall starting to appear slowly.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bhairavar leading me to the Truth.

Sri Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar

Well, that's what i should say when i think a lot on what happened yesterday. Bhairavar directed me to the truth i was asking about a lot and was confused about it too. From the time i have realized god, i have been asking myself many questions. What is god? Who is god? And after passing some time by reading books and trying to find out the answer, i'm struck with another difficult question. Probably the most difficult one, for which the great siddhars, rishis and yogis are still finding an answer. "Who Am I?" Yes, that's the most difficult one. And i started asking this question to myself after reading about Sri Ramana Maharishi. He was a great siddhar. Now, when they couldn't answer that question, how could I?

Reading more books on siddhars and spiritual teachings confused me more. But after few days, the answers were becoming clear to me. I was getting the answers one by one but a little slower. Day before yesterday, I was sitting in my room with my eyes closed and asking god to show me the path to truth. I know that all this is just an external energy but i wanted to feel the inner energy. Everybody has it but hardly anyone realizes or feels it. And i wanted to feel it. I just asked him, "If you really want me to come to you then at least show me the way. Then i will struggle and struggle to reach your door, no matter at what cost. Clear my mind and heart." That's all i asked him. I am a Hindu and i pray all gods and i'm an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. So i asked him this question. Next day, he showed me the way. He just indirectly helped me. I was shocked to realize that he did actually answer me. But in a very subtle way.

Realizing the calling of 'someone'

          I have been searching for answers to my unending questions for a long time. Let's say, from the time i realized that something or someone is there, overpowering me in all the ways and that someone or something is trying to wake me up from my dream and realize the truth, from that time i have been filled with uncountable questions. Answers? Nope, i didn't get them neither quickly nor easily. Just trying to find it. And that quest of mine has led me to many a places and situations where i would never have thought of reaching.

          I found few answers myself, some from reading books, some from experience, some from interacting with knowledgeable persons and some from the unknown and indescribable force or energy or whatever you want to call it. I call that energy God. You can call it anything. It's an independent choice. So, then, I got an opportunity to interact with a very knowledgeable and wise person yesterday. And learnt a lot. I got my few questions answered too. I would like to share it with you people so that you can wake from this dream and illusion and march towards the reality. Or for some people this will help them to lead a better life. Here it goes.....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A new blog with a new year.

After a long time, I have returned to the world of blogosphere. And this time, with a lot of things to tell you guys. I'm just going to pour out all my thoughts and whatever comes to my mind in my daily life. Of course some are going to be boring but some will be useful, i hope so.

All my old and new friends, Happy New Year and let's know each other as well as ourselves.