Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bhairavar leading me to the Truth.

Sri Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar

Well, that's what i should say when i think a lot on what happened yesterday. Bhairavar directed me to the truth i was asking about a lot and was confused about it too. From the time i have realized god, i have been asking myself many questions. What is god? Who is god? And after passing some time by reading books and trying to find out the answer, i'm struck with another difficult question. Probably the most difficult one, for which the great siddhars, rishis and yogis are still finding an answer. "Who Am I?" Yes, that's the most difficult one. And i started asking this question to myself after reading about Sri Ramana Maharishi. He was a great siddhar. Now, when they couldn't answer that question, how could I?

Reading more books on siddhars and spiritual teachings confused me more. But after few days, the answers were becoming clear to me. I was getting the answers one by one but a little slower. Day before yesterday, I was sitting in my room with my eyes closed and asking god to show me the path to truth. I know that all this is just an external energy but i wanted to feel the inner energy. Everybody has it but hardly anyone realizes or feels it. And i wanted to feel it. I just asked him, "If you really want me to come to you then at least show me the way. Then i will struggle and struggle to reach your door, no matter at what cost. Clear my mind and heart." That's all i asked him. I am a Hindu and i pray all gods and i'm an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. So i asked him this question. Next day, he showed me the way. He just indirectly helped me. I was shocked to realize that he did actually answer me. But in a very subtle way.

Yesterday was Mattu Pongal for us. I am a tamilzhan and i am proud of it. In north, they celebrate as Makar Shankranti. So, my dad was at home, we did all the pooja and rituals to be performed on that day. After everything was over, we were just sitting and chatting with each other. Then my dad got a phone call. It was my dad's very distant friend. He hardly calls up. But on that day particularly, he called up, reminding us that it was Theipirai Ashtami on that day and there was a special yagya and meeting conducted for Sri Swarna Akarshana Bhairava at some place. He invited us to attend that pooja. We were all happy to attend that pooja. After reaching that venue, i was totally amazed to see that a person was preaching about life, god, and the ways to lead a happy life. He was a very kind, knowledgeable and wise man from Thavasi Mallai. He answered many of my unasked doubts which i kept building inside me without even asking him. I was relieved to have attended that pooja as i was able to attend this gathering too. Let me tell a few of the questions and answers that were asked and answered there. Here it is......

[Que.]  "We read Kanda Sashti Kavacham for getting rid of all pains and fears. Can Lord Murugan really save anyone in real like described in the Kavacham?"

[Ans.]  "Now, the question is not about the Kavacham. The real question is "Will Lord Murugan Save You?" or "Will The Faith In Lord Murugan Save You?" Ask this question to yourself. It is not about just the Lord Murugan. It is about all the gods. Will the God really come down to earth with four hands, a decorated diadem, and a Vel to protect you? No. Please don't be in the illusion like that. The faith in god will help and save you. That faith is the most important thing. When you have faith in the god anything is possible. Now a days people are very smart and they cannot be cheated so easily, especially in the cities and towns. People in villages are still getting fooled. Now, if a person comes with a huge tail and a big mace carrying over his shoulder and has a monkey face, and he says that he is Lord Hanuman. Will you believe him or not? People will laugh at him and ask him, what drama party is he coming from? People will not believe him at any given cost. So understand that god will not come directly to save you but indirectly he saves you every minute without your own knowledge. Now let me tell a short story about having faith in god and believing god...

There was a man who was a devotee of Lord Shiva. He prayed everyday with full concentration and without deviating from the path of bhakti. Now he believed that there is Lord Shiva and he resides at Kailash and has four hands and snakes and ash all over his body with a third eye and all the things that described Shiva in the scriptures. He just believed it completely and blindly. One day, there was a flood in his village. Everybody started evacuating the village. Everyone except that man. He stayed in his house and said that Shiva will come and save him and he didn't need other's help. The flood was nearing the village, and a man with the motorbike came to rescue him but he denied his help saying Shiva will save him. After sometime, the water started flooding the village and that man started to climb a tree. Then came a boat for his rescue and still he denied his help. Then after sometime, the water over flooded, the tree broke in half and though  he could swim he couldn't fight the force of the water and he drowned and died. Now, because he did pray Shiva so much, he was given a chance to meet Shiva before being reborn. When he met Lord Shiva, he was totally dejected and asked him crying,"Why didn't you come to save me? I believed in you so much but you didn't care to help me and let me die." Lord Shiva smiled at him and said,"Son, you are so ignorant and a fool. I didn't care to help you? You must have evacuated with the others in the first place. That was common sense but you didn't go with them. But as i cared for you, i sent you a man with the motorbike and a man with the boat to help you. Do you think they would be present even after everyone evacuated the village? I sent them just for you but you denied MY help and when someone denies my help, this is what happens." The man realized his mistakes and asked Lord Shiva for forgiveness and he as ever the most kind hearted forgave him.

Now this shows that believing in god alone wil not help you but you must have faith in him. It's the same with Kanda Sashti Kavacham. Reading it alone will not help you but you must have faith in Lord Murugan and he will definitively help in some way or the other. "

Now I asked Lord Shiva for guidance and he helped me by sending a distant friend of my dad's to call us to attend the pooja of Sri Swarna Akarshana Bhairavar and by this i got to attend the gathering and clear my few doubts. I always had the same thought of god coming to save us directly but then i realized that he saves us definitively but in an indirect way. This is just one question answered. There are many more nice teachings which i will post later. Hope, we change the notion of "believing in god "to "having faith in god."

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna , Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama , Rama Rama Hare Hare


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